Neos Smart Leak Sensor Kit

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The Neos Smart Leak Sensor detects a single drop of water, preventing small leaks from turning into big problems.

You can also monitor humidity & temperature and set up notifications when it’s too hot, too cold or too dry...


It’s time to add new Neos devices to your Neos App! No need for an additional hub, this comes as standard within our kit. Simply plug the Smart Bridge into the back of your Neos SmartCam (not included) and manage all your devices from your smartphone.



The Neos Water Leak Sensor detects a single drop of water and notifies you if there is any water that shouldn’t be there. So you can unwind and enjoy a “relaxing” bath.


The internal sound alarm will go off if any unexpected water is detected within your home, so you can act quickly and stop a small problem becoming a big headache. Even if you forgot where you put it.


Ensure the humidity level is neutral in your home, set notifications to your phone if any changes are detected. Perfect for checking on your houseplants while you’re away.


Monitor the temperature in your children’s room to ensure they have a perfect night’s sleep.


Our award winning little Camera is required in order to install your Smart Leak kit. All you need is one Neos SmartCam, connect the Smart Bridge to create a hub and you’ll be ready to install all your new Neos devices. If you don’t already own a Neos SmartCam, what are you waiting for?


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Install your Smart Leak devices in our App and prevent small leaks turning into big problems. You can also monitor humidity & temperature and set up notifications.

Download the Neos SmartHome App here:

Supports iOS 12 and Android 7.0 or later


You can now add new Neos devices to your Neos App!
All you need is one Neos SmartCam, then connect your new Smart Bridge to create a hub and you’ll be ready to install all your new Neos devices. And manage all your devices from your smartphone! If you don’t already own a Neos SmartCam, what are you waiting for?


What's in the box:

1x Smart Bridge,

3x Smart Leak Sensor

6x AAA

Quick Start Guide

Requires a Neos SmartCam (not


Leak Detection: Receive alerts if your Smart Leak Sensor detects water

Monitor Temperature: Select a temperature range in your Smart Leak Sensor settings and get alerts when it gets too cold or too hot

Monitor Humidity: Select a humidity range in your Smart Leak Sensor settings (25-50%) get alerts when in gets too damp. So you can keep your home healthy

Smart Leak Sensor

Works at temperatures between -10°C to 50°C

Detects humidity between ≤0% - 100% (for most accurate humidity readings,
keep device below 40°C)

Power: 2x AAA batteries (included)

Battery life: 18 Months

Smart Bridge

Device Capacity: Up to x100 sensors per Smart Bridge

Recommend x1 Smart Bridge per residence (note that you can only install x1 SmartBridge per SmartCam)


Easy in-App install

Flexible installation options

Magnetic base

Wall Mountable

Option to rotate footage 180

More info

Communication Protocol: Sub 1G

EU variant, 863MHz—869MHz



The Neos Smart Leak Sensor detects direct contact with moisture and will notify you via your Neos Smarthome app and audiblly through the devices alarm/sounder. The device also has built-in humidity and temperature monitoring sensors and send will notifications changes in humidity or temperature are detected within the home.

This product is battery powered and works via the Neos SmartCam (Your Neos Smart Bridge plugging into your Neos SmartCam). The device is a great way to detect early leaks from your household utilities, water tanks, boilers and other facilities, providing valuable time to mitigate larger issues in your home.

Unlike motion events, your Neos Smarthome app will notify you at anytime (if the app is armed or not) if your Neos Smart Leak device detects moisture/water.

The device will also notify you via the app if it detects a rise or fall in temperature or humidity outside the ranges you set in-app.

All device notifications can be controlled within the device settings, along with viewing signal strength in the position you have placed the device and monitoring battery life.

The Neos Smart Leak Senor Kit is sold with the following:

•   3 x Neos Smart Leak Sensors (with batteries)
•   1 x Neos Smart Bridge
•   1 x Instruction manual

Please note you will require a Neos SmartCam to operate these devices. This includes a Neos Smart Bridge that attaches to your Neos SmartCam to allow you to add your Smart Leak Sensors to your home WiFi via the camera. If you already have an installed Smart Bridge on your SmartCam, you do not need to use the additional Smart Bridge included in the pack (you can keep this as spare) or add to a second SmartCam (if you have one) and attach the devices closer to it for enhanced connection.

Your Neos Smart Leak Sensor is easily installed via your Neos SmartCam (with Smart Bridge) via the Neos Smarthome app.

Once you have installed the SmartCam, click the + button to view all other available products. Click on the Neos Smart Leak Sensor Icon to start installation. If you have not already installed the Smart Bridge provided in the package, the app will prompt you to do so at this point and walk you through installation.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the quick installation. Please note, the casing can be a little stiff to unlock (we want to keep it water tight), please locate a firm flat item like a straight edge screwdriver and carefully prize loose.

Once installed you may get an immediate notification, this is normal as the sensor has picked up moisture from your hand during the setup process. Gently wipe it down and place it into position so ready for the real deal.

The Neos Smarthome app will display all connected devices on its dashboard (opening screen). This screen will give a live update of the current status of the device, including if it's in contact with moisture, low battery or offline. To test the device in real life, place the sensor onto a damp tissue and watch the app update and the device start to sound.

The light on your Neos Smart Leak Sensor has two purposes:

1)   It will flash during device installation to show the product is in setup mode ready to be connected to the SmartCam (via the Smart Bridge)
2)  It will also flash when the sensor comes in contact with moisture/water to provide a visual alert (as well as the device sounder for an Audio- Alarm)

The Neos Smart Leak Sensor is small and discreet so it can be placed next to or near to any source of water in your home as long as it is in range of your Neos SmartCam (and Smart Bridge). Typically, users place these devices under their kitchen utilities, washing machines, bathtubs and shower trays and other sources of leaks such as water tanks, toilets and/or basins.

Once connected to the SmartCam (via the Smart Bridge) the range is up to 45 meters. There are variables that can impact connectivity to your Neos Smart Leak Sensor which may restrict overall range. Once connected, the device will display the signal strenght to allow you to see how strong the connection is between the SmartCam and your device in the selected location.

If you cannot place your Smart Leak Sensor in your desired location due to range, you have two options to solve this issue:

1)   Move your Neos SmartCam (with Smart Bridge) closer to the Smart Leak Sensor location
2)  If you have a second SmartCam (or purchase a second SmartCam), add another Smart Bridge to the device and add the Smart Leak Sensor to the second SmartCam

A Humidity Sensor (or hygrometer) senses, measures and reports both moisture and air temperature. The ratio of moisture in the air to the highest amount of moisture at a particular air temperature is called relative humidity. Relative humidity becomes an important factor when looking for comfort within your household and at more extreme readings, can be an indicator of excess or lack of moisture in the air that can be problematic if left for long periods of time.

When you first install your Smart Leak Sensor, the Smarthome app will set both your humidity and temperature to a default range. The range for humidity is 25% - 50% and 1 dc - 18 dc for temperature. Once the device is installed, you can click on the device in the dashboard, and amend the range to suit your needs via the device settings.


Find more resources on our support page, our full list of FAQs or tap the help button in your Neos App


Once you’ve follow our super easy step-by-step in-app instructions, you’re ready to pick the perfect spot for your Neos Smart Devices.
Here’s some tips to help you make the most of the Neos Smart Leak Sensor Kit devices.
Place the device around water points and vulnerable areas in your home, ensure the metal receptors face down so your Leak Sensor can detect even a single drop of water. Then you’re all set!