Supercharge your app with

Neos Boost

Packed with new advanced features including 5x longer clips in extended Cloud Storage, personalised Activity Zones and Security Scheduling.

Just £2.49 a month

14-day free trial

In-app subscription

Cloud Recording

Upgrade to Neos Boost in the app to capture more activity with 5x longer clips.

  • 1 minute clips upgraded from 12 seconds
  • Less time between clips
  • Up to 12 hours of cloud storage every day

Activity Zones

Highlight specific areas you want to be notified of or disregard, such as a nursery cot, windows & doors or even when someone's near the cookie jar!

Security Scheduling

Only monitor your home when it suits you. Set your own schedule to arm and disarm your Neos SmartCam when you're home or away.

Neos Boost covers up to 3 SmartCams*

*Currently, customers with more than three cameras will still be able to use Boost across their Neos system. This service may be limited to a camera count in future releases.

What's included with Neos Boost



With Boost

1080p HD video

2 Way Audio


Night Vision

Works with Alexa

Downloading clips

Cloud Recording

12 seconds

1 minute

Video storage

Up to 1 hour a day for 14 days

Up to 12 hours a day for 14 days

Security Scheduling

Activity Zones

Give your Neos app a Boost