To say thank you for purchasing Aviva Home Insurance, we would like to offer you a link to purchase a discounted Neos SmartCam from Neos (the “Offer”). This Offer is subject to the terms and conditions below.

1. Contract status

1.1 By redeeming this Offer, you are accepting these terms and conditions. Therefore, please read these terms and conditions carefully prior to deciding whether to redeem the Offer. We recommend that you print these terms and conditions and save them for future reference. They are only available in English.
1.2 The Neos SmartCam will be supplied by Neos Ventures Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 09941700) and having its registered address at 47 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3XT (“Neos”). The supply and use of the Neos SmartCam shall be subject to these terms and conditions and privacy policy.

2. Aviva's role

2.1 This Offer is brought to you by Aviva UK Digital Limited, a company registered in England and Wales (company number 09766150) and having its registered office at St Helen’s, 1 Undershaft, London EC3P 3DQ (“Aviva”).
2.2 Aviva’s role in this Offer is to facilitate an introduction between you and Neos. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Neos SmartCam is suitable for your purposes.
2.3 Neither Aviva nor any Aviva group company makes any representation (express or implied) that Neos or the Neos SmartCam is of a particular nature or standard or is suitable for your purposes, and this introduction does not constitute a recommendation, referral or otherwise. Neither Aviva nor any Aviva group company, will be liable to you for any costs, charges, liabilities or losses sustained, incurred or payable by you which arise (directly or indirectly) from your relationship with Neos and/or your use of the Neos SmartCam.

3. Eligibility

3.1 To be eligible to redeem this Offer you must buy an Aviva Home Insurance product online at and follow the instructions below:
  • click through to Neos’s online shop from the link in the Aviva advertisement for this Offer. This advertisement will be personal to you and will be displayed at the end of the application process and in MyAviva on the Home Insurance Documents page only. It is not available elsewhere (e.g. from Neos direct);
  • purchase the Neos SmartCam(s) (to a maximum of 10) from Neos’s online shop. No discount code is required, your 20% discount will be automatically applied if the link (described above) is used; and
  • download the Aviva Connected app and follow the instructions within to register for an account and to link it to your Neos SmartCam (when it arrives). This will allow you to interact with your Neos SmartCam.
3.2 If you already have a Neos SmartCam and are using it with the Neos SmartHome app, you can redeem this Offer and use the Aviva Connected app with your old and new Neos SmartCams.
3.3 The Offer is not available if you apply for an Aviva Home Insurance product through any other channel.

4. General

4.1 The Offer is subject to availability. Aviva reserves the right to withdraw the Offer at any time without notice.
4.2 The Offer is applicable to the purchase of Neos SmartCam(s) only. Any upgrades or subscription services (including Neos Boost) are excluded from the discount and you shall be responsible for the full cost of these.
4.3 The Neos SmartCam and the Aviva Connected app are not insurance products and are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or covered by other financial services regulations.
4.4 These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England and Wales and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.